Ankit Kumar

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Consultant

Track External (Outbound) Links in Universal Google Analytics

This solution is only helpful if you are using the new Universal Analytics. If you have a WordPress blog, just use the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Yoast and you are good. We’ll be using Event tracking here and the code automatically logs an event when there is a click on external links. Steps for tracking […]

Affiliate/Referral Marketing campaign for Indian Retailers

No one has written about affiliate/referral campaigns targeting Indian retailers. So, I am adding my two cents here. Note- I’ll be using a/r as a short-cut for Affiliate/Referral in this article. Do you need an Affiliate or Referral marketing campaign? You might be wondering if your business needs such campaigns. You’re already spending a good […]

Story of a Indian choosing Shopify

Last time I checked my Shopify Partner’s account and found that I’ve referred 100 people there. They used Shopify’s based on my recommendation. Thanks a lot for your love friends and I really owe you all for this. Thanks a ton! Here is one email (Unedited) from a customer and the reasons why he chose Shopify for his Indian eCommerce […]

Why I liked Asana invitation/sharing widget?

I use Asana for project management. It’s free (upto 25 users) and its minimal interface/concept makes you more productive. Well, Asana has this really cool invitation/sharing widget for first time users. I really hate sending annoying invitations for new services I found but this one was something different. See image below and let me know if I’m right. […]

An ‘Exact Match Domain’ case

You have read all about Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm effect and how it is supposed to remove the low quality websites tricking to get the higher ranks. Here is what Matt Cutts tweeted: Well, I have a case to share. I was going through my SpyFu account and searching for keywords with highest CPC. A link to those keywords. mesothelioma […]