How much does it cost to run this blog?

I just migrated to WordPress with the goal of frequenting posting. ThisWebHost is my web hosting provider. I’ve been using them for years. They have a fabulous hosting plan for single domain/blog for just $3.99/month. $15/year- Yes, you read it right. I just have to pay for the domain renewal each year. It could have […]

Factors to look for when choosing an Ecommerce platform

I work with a number of ecommerce softwares and platforms each day. Some of them are lovely and some of them are terrible. A number of people ask which ecommerce platform or software is the best one. You can’t recommend one without understanding the requirement of end user. If I have to name an ideal […]

Track External (Outbound) Links in Universal Google Analytics

This post is no longer useful. Use AutoTrack script to track outbound links directly. This solution is only helpful if you are using the new Universal Analytics. If you have a WordPress blog, just use the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Yoast and you are good. We’ll be using Event tracking here and the code automatically […]

Affiliate/Referral Marketing campaign for Indian Retailers

No one has written about affiliate/referral campaigns targeting Indian retailers. So, I am adding my two cents here. Note- I’ll be using a/r as a short-cut for Affiliate/Referral in this article. Do you need an Affiliate or Referral marketing campaign? You might be wondering if your business needs such campaigns. You’re already spending a good […]

Story of a Indian choosing Shopify

Last time I checked my Shopify Partner’s account and found that I’ve referred 100 people there. They used Shopify’s based on my recommendation. Thanks a lot for your love friends and I really owe you all for this. Thanks a ton! Here is one email (Unedited) from a customer and the reasons why he chose Shopify for his Indian eCommerce […]