Story of a Indian choosing Shopify

Last time I checked my Shopify Partner’s account and found that I’ve referred 100 people there. They used Shopify’s based on my recommendation.


Thanks a lot for your love friends and I really owe you all for this. Thanks a ton!

Here is one email (Unedited) from a customer and the reasons why he chose Shopify for his Indian eCommerce store. You can see the list of most of the Indian stores using Shopify here.

Hello Mr. Ankit

There is a long story behind. To cut long story short see below

Difficulties faced 1. Dont know any shopping cart except free carts which can accept Indian payment gateways. 2. Tried to built store on various free platform as well as tried paid one like volusion, godaddy quick shopping cart. 3. Design matter a lot. Magento design are not upto the mark.  Prestashop, opencart are little bit difficult. 4. Tried on testing domains and found not good and not attractive, even visitors are low. 5. All in one difficulties faced, Payment gateways, themes, SEO, Design, integration, backoffice difficulties, front office slow server respond, 404 errors, https errors , installation of SSL, installation of indian payment gateway, customer emails getting very late and lots of confusion.

Search internet of various carts and FINALLY found your article. Journey Begins.

Now we started Shopify trial with our testing domain. Found a compatible Premium theme. asked support for help, and they are little bit of slow but they are responsive. Easy back office, fast server respond, SEO friendly, easily manageable. lots of Apps, Indian Payment gateway integration is there. All in one : Best Shopping cart.Far better than any other free or paid shopping carts.

And all it done by your articles which shows a path of smooth journey. Thanks for your articles and suggestions.


Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Did you give Shopify a try? Do it and I am sure you’ll love it.

One response to “Story of a Indian choosing Shopify”

  1. Adil Reghzara says:

    Hi Ankit,

    I hail from a small town in northern Kerala. I used to operate from a small shack in my town (8’x4′) selling t-shirts, mugs, goa pants, harem pants .. the likes.

    After two years and random sales, on recommendation from a friend and reading your articles on commerce and choppily, I’ve decided to create a brand in t-shirts and other novelty items.

    Post all this research, I’ve understood the online store, the product handling, the indian payment gateway, and shipping. But I still haven’t found anybody who can do my parting of custom design t-shirts here in india like the printify or printful app recommended on shopify.

    It would be great help if you can suggest any indian printer with warehouse capability to manage my teeshirts and items without me hiring for a warehouse and inventory guy. I wanted to start the brand completely e-dependent. Is this really possible or am I barking down a big wall ?

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