The essential Analytics setup for WooCommerce

I deal with many WooCommerce powered stores. Data collection, reporting and getting useful information always remains a challenge for many store owners.

These are the must have plugins and services I use for an ideal analytics setup.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics needs no introductions. I make sure that Ecommerce tracking, Events and Enhanced Ecommerce are setup accurately.

WooCommerce plugins for Google Analytics

  1. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration (Free, comes with Ecommerce tracking, standard add to cart events and enhanced ecommerce).
  2. Actionable Google Analytics for Woo (Paid, Very useful for tracking Users, enhanced ecommerce, internal promotions etc).


Segment (Inexpensive) is very cool. It lets you collect all kind of data and then send it to your favorite services. In order to track Order and Customer details etc from WooCommerce, you’ll need a plugin to connect it with Segment.

These are two popular ones:

Second Analytics Service

Google analytics is awesome but sometimes you need more power. Behavioural analysis, Retention Analysis, Funnel visualization, Heatmaps etc are much more fun in the services listed below. You can install them directly or use Segment to send data to them.

  • HotJar (Free to start with, Heatmaps, Funnels, Polls etc)
  • HeapAnalytics (Free to start with, Very easy to use, I love the Event tracking, Charts, retention and segments)
  • Mixpanel (Freemium, HeapAnalytics alternative)

Please let me know if the post was useful. I also help with Analytics consulting. Contact me if you need help with Analytics, Growth or Conversion.