Bigcommerce and Interspire Conversion tracking

BigCommerce (hosted version of Interspire) is a feature rich Ecommerce platform. It’s one of the most complete eCommerce platform out there.

Most people don’t understand the difference between eCommerce and Conversion tracking. Each of them requires different tracking code.

Ecommerce tracking helps you to see various transactional data inside the Google Analytics (or any other similar services) and Conversion tracking helps you for calculating ROI (Return on Investment) of your Google Adwords campaigns.

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking Interspire/Bigcommerce

BigCommerce now supports eCommerce tracking by default. You don’t have to add any codes anywhere.


  • Use Google Analytics traditional code instead of new Async code for proper tracking.
  • if you are not using dedicated SSL, you will have self-referral issues (See image) . In that case, you’ll have to enable Cross-domain tracking.Self-Referral-for-BigCommerce1

Adwords Conversion Tracking


  1. Go to Affiliate Setting. affiliate-tracking0011
  2. Just paste this code in the Conversion Tracking Code box. Don’t forget to replace ‘Your-merchant-ID’  with your own Adwords Merchant ID in the following file.affiliate-tracking0021
    1. Now do a test order and check for the ‘Amount‘  in thank-you page source. It should match your transaction value.

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