How much does it cost to run this blog?

$15/year- Yes, you read it right. I just have to pay for the domain renewal each year. It could have been even lower if I switched to a different domain registrar.

I use GitHub Pages for hosting. It is free and reliable with great uptime.

My CMS (Content Management System) Jekyll, integrated beautifully with GitHub Pages. Thanks to the static files, The blog is amazingly faster than it used to be on WordPress. If you know how to use GitHub and MarkDown syntax. you will love Jekyll.

If you are not very technical, just get a domain and use Blogger or Tumblr. Both of them are ad free (unlike and reliable.

I use Jetpack subscription for email marketing.

Some other tools being used are InspectletGoogle Tag Manager and Google Analytics. All of them are free (except Inspectlet) and recommended.

5 thoughts on “How much does it cost to run this blog?

  1. I could not understand:
    ” ThisWebHost is my web hosting provider”
    and “I use GitHub Pages for hosting.”
    Don’t you just need a hosting account to set your website/blog pages.Why ” two” things…Kindly explain.

    Else .Precise and concise blogTech-noob

    1. Hello Papai,
      I used to have a static blog (Plain HTML files) and Github pages offers free hosting for those. However, ThisWebHost is like a typical cpanel based hosting used for WordPress which I use now.


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