Deploy Jekyll sites with Amazon S3

Jekyll is great as a static CMS. Amazon S3 is cheap to host static files. I use both to host few blogs.

S3 Website is the Plugin I use to deploy to S3. It’s a nifty plugin which does the job but with a catch. It depends on specific version of Java.

I bought a used ThinkPad (I love the old ThinkPads) and was trying to set up the machine to deploy the blogs. I installed Java and tried to run the usual s3_website push command but it needs a rather old version.

So if you are using S3_website plugin, you need the LTS openjdk-8. You can install it in Ubuntu with following command.
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

Once installed, run java -version to make sure you have openjdk version 1.8.

That’s all! Happy hacking!