Learning to Code!

I have been trying for ages to get into programming. Hours have been spent on Moocs, Books and many tutorials. Many new year resolutions went unfulfilled. The result so far has been, well, not satisfying.

I guess the reason why I’ve been able to call myself a Programmer because I’ve been not able to focus and finish. Not able to focus on a language (Tried Ruby, Python, PHP and JS so far) or a framework (RoR, Sinatra, Django, Flask, Express).

All the articles are saying one should focus on JavaScript if he wants to be a Web/App Developer. I prefer backend programming more than frontend and NodeJS should be enough to start with.

I bought The Complete Node.js Developer Course and loving it so far. It’s good for beginners and anyone with basic understanding of JS/Programming can take it.

So, I will be focusing mostly on JS for 2018 and will be posting updates.

Hoping for the best!