An ‘Exact Match Domain’ case

You have read all about Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm effect and how it is supposed to remove the low quality websites tricking to get the higher ranks. Here is what Matt Cutts tweeted: Well, I have a case to share. I was going through my SpyFu account and searching for keywords with highest CPC. A link to those keywords. mesothelioma […]

Google Ecommerce tracking in 3DCart

Jenny asked me for a small project – To set up Ecommerce tracking in her 3DCart store. I thought it as a small task but it took more than 15 days. A really long story with so many problems. What was the major problem? The major problem was use of Shared SSL or Lack of Dedicated SSL. She was using […]

5 Key success factors for E-Commerce Business

Ask yourself! Why do you buy a product from a particular website? What are the factors which motivate you to choose that site and not others? That answer is what you’re looking for your own e-store success. They are the key factors which will help your e-store to stands higher in crowd and sell more. […]

Bigcommerce and Interspire Conversion tracking

BigCommerce (hosted version of Interspire) is a feature rich Ecommerce platform. It’s one of the most complete eCommerce platform out there. Most people don’t understand the difference between eCommerce and Conversion tracking. Each of them requires different tracking code. Ecommerce tracking helps you to see various transactional data inside the Google Analytics (or any other similar services) and Conversion tracking helps you […]

How to resell Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is still the most profitable online marketing channel. It’s inexpensive and simplest way to be in touch with people. So every business needs it to connect, notify, promote, follow-up and other purposes. But not every business is utilizing its power. There are lots of Hosted program and Scripts for email marketing. You can […]