Bigcommerce and Interspire Conversion tracking

BigCommerce (hosted version of Interspire) is a feature rich Ecommerce platform. It’s one of the most complete eCommerce platform out there.

Most people don’t understand the difference between eCommerce and Conversion tracking. Each of them requires different tracking code.

Ecommerce tracking helps you to see various transactional data inside the Google Analytics (or any other similar services) and Conversion tracking helps you for calculating ROI (Return on Investment) of your Google Adwords campaigns.

Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking Interspire/Bigcommerce

BigCommerce now supports eCommerce tracking by default. You don’t have to add any codes anywhere.


  • Use Google Analytics traditional code instead of new Async code for proper tracking.
  • if you are not using dedicated SSL, you will have self-referral issues (See image) . In that case, you’ll have to enable Cross-domain tracking.Self-Referral-for-BigCommerce1

Adwords Conversion Tracking


  1. Go to Affiliate Setting. affiliate-tracking0011
  2. Just paste this code in the Conversion Tracking Code box. Don’t forget to replace ‘Your-merchant-ID’  with your own Adwords Merchant ID in the following file.affiliate-tracking0021
    1. Now do a test order and check for the ‘Amount‘  in thank-you page source. It should match your transaction value.

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How to resell Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is still the most profitable online marketing channel. It’s inexpensive and simplest way to be in touch with people. So every business needs it to connect, notify, promote, follow-up and other purposes.

But not every business is utilizing its power. There are lots of Hosted program and Scripts for email marketing. You can recommend clients to them and make some bucks by their affiliate program.

But what about long-term passive and regular income? What to do when you’ve a huge user base who really needs email marketing program?

*Enter White Label Email Marketing! *You can resell the email marketing with your own brand. The providing company is hidden and providing you their system and resources.<!– more –>

You buy the service (Credits or Plans) at low price and sell it your clients at some margin. It’s that simple!

Pure White Label Email marketing services


You should be familiar with this service. They have spent good money on Google Adwords.

Why to choose CakeMail?

  • Flat Pricing option ($200/month for starter and $1250/month for unlimited), so you can make more money here
  • Feature rich program (A/B testing, Lot of integration and features)
  • Good support


  • No info about AutoResponders or drip campaign

Campaign Monitor

It’s loved by designers because of the beautiful interface.

Why to choose Campaign Monitor?

  • Want to offer a simple and polished program
  • Good email deliverability
  • Flexible payment system – You can either sell credits or contact based plans
  • Collection of beautiful templates


  • Most expensive ($0.01/credit, it can be a bad option for big list owner)

Companies which also offer White Label Email marketing Services


Why to choose streamsend?
  • Inexpensive credit based pricing (plans starts from $209.90 for 150,000 credits)
  • Multiple sending IP support (Makes it complete!)
  • Simpler interface
  • Feature rich (Also support autoresponders and email view)


  • New IPs can take time to build reputation(Not necessary)

Vertical Response

Why to choose vertical response?

  • Great email deliverability
  • Captures sales too
  • Great support


  • No auto responder or drip campaign support
  • Expensive

iContact Plus

Why to choose iContact plus?

  • Great deliverability
  • Great support
  • Feature rich


  •  Expensive than streamsend which offers more features ($99 setup and then $99/per month + $3 per 1000 email credits)

So these are the short review of some programs. Hope you found one!

There are still more companies which offer white label email marketing solution. But they don’t offer more information about it or they are not just not very popular.

Additional services to sell with the Email marketing plans

  1. Offer design service for custom email templates
  2. Offer email copy writing service for more return and charge for split testing
  3. Offer simpler reporting (ROI and other progress) service to those clients who find bounce rate, open rate click rate meaningless 🙂

Extra Note:

Almost no program offer billing services for the while label. You’ll have to think about configuring Paypal or other options to get payments from the customers.

Choose your E-commerce Platform in just 5 minutes!

I’m only including the Hosted or SaaS platforms here. The reason is very simple. They are good enough for Small Businesses. If you’ve a big brand or zillion of products, go for licensed platforms like MagentoosCommerceInterspireetc.

Time starts now. Here we go!

From India? Read how to setup an eCommerce Store in India.

1) Choose Shopify if:

  • Selling for the first time (It’s easiest and has more help docs)
  • Need complete CMS (It has blog and page publishing too)
  • Need Mobile Store (It has native App and it optimizes your store for mobiles)
  • Needs lot of features (Third party integration and apps)
  • Want a beautiful store (Great paid and free theme collection)
  • Want a Unmetered Bandwidth (Publish and promote as much as you want)
  • Transaction fee doesn’t bother you (Add Credit Card Processing Fee + 2% for Shopify for standard Plans)
  • Looking for great support

ShopifyPlans start from $29/month.

2) Use Bigcommerce if:

  • Looking for more features than any other platform
  • You’ve Marketing Background and love to Test (Google Website Optimizer, VWO integration)
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • No transaction fee
  • Tight Mobile and Facebook commerce

Bigcommerce Plans start from $24.95/month.

3) Select Magento Go if:

  • Know about the Magneto and its power
  • Love less expensive platform with great features
  • Wants to sell in other countries (Payment Gateways and Shipping integration)
  • Great Integration with many service

Magento Go: Plans start from $15/month.

There is still a very long list of Ecommerce Platform which are really good. But as I promised about 5 minutes, so I’m not including them here.

Not sure which Email Service you should use? Read my 5 minute guide for choosing an email marketing service.

Choose your Email Marketing Service in just 5 minute

OK, Time starts now. Let’s choose the best Email Marketing Service for you.

Best for Small Businesses and DIY email marketing

Why Mailerlite for Small Business? (Skip this and take a trial. You’ll love it)

  • Simplest Email marketing out there (Best email creator and reporting)
  • Most affordable prices (Save more than 50% from other services)
  • Great Email Delivery
  • Feature Rich (Drip Campaign, Multi user, RSS to Email, Google Analytics etc)
  • Forever free plan up to 100 users

Plans start from– $0 (2500 contacts, unlimited emails)



For Email Marketing and Marketing Automation


Why InfusionSoft for Lead focused website?

  • Complete Automation and lead nurturing system
  • Collection of awesome marketing tools
  • Affordable Plans
  • Integration with many services

Plans start from- $199/month (Expensive but still worth it)


For Casual Senders

Don’t want to pay each month? Go on Credit basis or one time payment.

Best- Campaign Monitor (Credit based pricing, Beautiful Reports and Mobile Support). Pricing $0.01/email

Option- MailerLite ($99/year for 10k contacts and very easy email marketing).

For List Builders


Why Mailerlite for List Building?

  • Cheapest pricing (Save more than 50% by moving)
  • Easiest email creation and reporting
  • Tight integration (WordPress and other CMS)

Other Popular Alternatives- Aweber or iContact

Done with choosing? Read Email Marketing Guide or learn how to resell email marketing!

Do you want to start an e-commerce store? Choose e-commerce platform  or learn how to set up e-commerce Store in India!