Bigcommerce and Interspire Conversion tracking

BigCommerce (hosted version of Interspire) is a feature rich Ecommerce platform. It’s one of the most complete eCommerce platform out there. Most people don’t understand the difference between eCommerce and Conversion tracking. Each of them requires different tracking code. Ecommerce tracking helps you to see various transactional data inside the Google Analytics (or any other similar services) and Conversion tracking helps you […]

How to resell Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is still the most profitable online marketing channel. It’s inexpensive and simplest way to be in touch with people. So every business needs it to connect, notify, promote, follow-up and other purposes. But not every business is utilizing its power. There are lots of Hosted program and Scripts for email marketing. You can […]

Choose your E-commerce Platform in just 5 minutes!

I’m only including the Hosted or SaaS platforms here. The reason is very simple. They are good enough for Small Businesses. If you’ve a big brand or zillion of products, go for licensed platforms like Magento, osCommerce, Interspireetc. Time starts now. Here we go! From India? Read how to setup an eCommerce Store in India. 1) Choose Shopify if: Selling for […]

Choose your Email Marketing Service in just 5 minute

OK, Time starts now. Let’s choose the best Email Marketing Service for you. Best for Small Businesses and DIY email marketing Why Mailerlite for Small Business? (Skip this and take a trial. You’ll love it) Simplest Email marketing out there (Best email creator and reporting) Most affordable prices (Save more than 50% from other services) […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog. This is my first post. So, A Simple “Hello!” to World.