Why I liked Asana invitation/sharing widget?

I use Asana for project management. It’s free (upto 25 users) and its minimal interface/concept makes you more productive.

Well, Asana has this really cool invitation/sharing widget for first time users. I really hate sending annoying invitations for new services I found but this one was something different. See image below and let me know if I’m right.


Why I liked it?

I have tried to explain my points on the image below. I am not really good with graphics but it should work. In short, It was a good work on smart copy and minimal design.

  1. Focus on different personas (Asana is for photographer, Sales director and for everyone)
  2. Rational justification with headline – Everyone needs Asana.
  3. Motivation to help others –  Invite your friends so they can get organized now.
  4. Recommendation message – ‘I’m using Asana and though you might like it as well’.
  5. Assurance– Just to make sure that your data won’t be shared.
  6. Clear call to action– ‘Share Asana’ and not typical ‘Invite friends’.

So if you have an app or service which promotes user invitation, time to think again.

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