Ankit Kumar

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Consultant

How to market a new online store?

If I were to start an online store, this is how I would promote it. Most of the medium mentioned here are free or doesn’t break your bank balance. But before doing promotion, I’ll make sure to Work on the ‘differentiator’ or the ‘selling point’ of the store. The store should be doing something better than […]

Why I love Zerodha?

I am a casual trader and investor. Zerodha is the my primary broker. So, I thought of writing a small review comparing Zerodha to my old Broker, Axis Direct, and standard brokers out there. These are the reasons why I love Zerodha and recommend. 1) Stock Investment is brokerage free Industry standard brokerage is 0.5% of […]

How to setup an eCommerce Store in India?

I finally updated this post. You won’t believe how hard it was. I am a compulsive procrastinator :). I have divided this mini-guide (sounds better than just an article) into many small sub-topics. Platform and Payment Gateways Shipping Logistics Legal and Taxation Setting Up Store I am not going to focus on ‘why do you […]

How much does it cost to run this blog?

I just migrated to WordPress and I use ThisWebHost. They have a fabulous hosting plan for single domain for just $3.99/month. $15/year- Yes, you read it right. I just have to pay for the domain renewal each year. It could have been even lower if I switched to a different domain registrar. I use GitHub Pages for […]

Factors to look for when choosing an Ecommerce platform

I work with a number of ecommerce softwares and platforms each day. Some of them are lovely and some of them are terrible. A number of people ask which ecommerce platform or software is the best one. You can’t recommend one without understanding the requirement of end user. If I have to name an ideal […]