Learning to Code!

I have been trying for ages to get into programming. Hours have been spent on Moocs, Books and many tutorials. Many new year resolutions went unfulfilled. The result so far has been, well, not satisfying. I guess the reason why I’ve been able to call myself a Programmer because I’ve been not able to focus […]

How to buy Ethereum (ETH) in India?

Sold on investing in crypto? A huge number of people are bullish on Ether than Bitcoin. So, I thought about writing a Ethereum buying Guide. There is also some bonus on making easy money with Ether with low risk. Here it goes! How to Buy Ethereum cheaply from India? Prices on Indian exchanges such as […]

The essential Analytics setup for WooCommerce

I deal with many WooCommerce powered stores. Data collection, reporting and getting useful information always remains a challenge for many store owners. These are the must have plugins and services I use for an ideal analytics setup. Google Analytics Google Analytics needs no introductions. I make sure that Ecommerce tracking, Events and Enhanced Ecommerce are setup accurately. […]

How to market a new online store?

If I were to start an online store, this is how I would promote it. Most of the medium mentioned here are free or doesn’t break your bank balance. But before doing promotion, I’ll make sure to Work on the ‘differentiator’ or the ‘selling point’ of the store. The store should be doing something better than […]

Why I love Zerodha (Review)?

I am a casual trader and investor. Zerodha is the my primary broker. So, I thought of writing a small review comparing Zerodha to my old Broker, Axis Direct, and standard brokers out there. These are the reasons why I love Zerodha and recommend. 1) Stock Investment is brokerage free Industry standard brokerage is 0.5% of […]