I’m a year older today. Never liked my birthdays. The idea of another year passed and discontent is uncomfortable.

When you’re too passionate, it isn’t healthy for the long term. You rarely sit back and relax. Vacations always feel like cheating.

But keeping up with traditions, What would I wish for my next birthdays? A Self-improvement fanatic and passionate would make up resolutions to do even better. Guess, that’s what I am going to do.

The first thing which comes to mind is reading more Philosophy. I’ve been seeking solace in the wise words of Ancient Romans recently. Ryan Holiday’s books are my go to resource for calm. Would continue to do more of that.

With discontent, comes trivial priorities. Relationships and health are the ones who usually suffer. You need both of them in a healthy dose. So, that would be another focus for the future.

That reminds me of FOCUS. Been always struggling with that one. Short term gains, both material and pleasure, always rank higher. A line from Naval stick with me - Play Long-term Games With Long-term People. Delayed gratification is the biggest benefit from thinking long term. So, another focus would be FOCUS on the long term/people and consistency on healthy habits.